Jessika co-wrote and starred in this Wrong House Productions original play, which premiered in the East Village, NYC in December 2018.

“But the real gems—the truly perfect productions—are as rare as a sixty degree day in December in New York City. 36 Juniper is a rare gem. […] we had no idea just how perfect this performance was going to be. […] It's a perfect premise, filled with just the right balance of tension and humor, and the team of Wrong House playwrights (Jessika McQueen, Shannon McInally and Alyssa Abraham) don’t merely do the script justice: they've perfected it.”

Opplaud (read full review)

36 Juniper, aside from having a captivating story to tell, has a stellar cast that knows no bounds in talent […] and Jessika McQueen round out a very talented and able-bodied cast that knows how to capture our minds and attention from the start.”

Kristen Morale, Broadway World (read full review)

“The acting is uniformly good. As Mackenzie, Jessika McQueen plays against stereotypes: proving that the seeming socialite might have more to offer than just tips on the best perfumes to buy. As the storm continues, and her facade fades away, a genuine woman is revealed underneath — elegant beneath borrowed sweatpants.

Exploring Generational Trauma in 36 Juniper (read full review)

Jessika played the female lead in this Canadian two-character production at The ARTS Project in London, Ontario.

McQueen shows herself to be ideal for this task […] McQueen embodies that hatred with a character who also tempers it with a larger goal, hoping to find some transcending value in her suffering. More importantly, I was equally impressed that McQueen has a physical presence that makes her character feel capable of carrying out her plan […] When her character’s true pain is revealed, the facets all come together to create a full dimensional heroine worthy of a play with this kind of artistic ambition.”

Kenneth Chisholm, Theatre In London (read full review)

McQueen, playing a tough, vengeful woman, did not lose intention throughout the entirety of the show, keeping the audience perpetually anxious in each scene.”

AHSC Reviews (read full review)

“The actors underplayed all their scenes, each performing admirably […] The actor playing Mejra (who looks like a young Charlotte Rampling) did a good job playing it so tightly. You could sense the pain without its expression.”

Donald D’Haene, The Beat Magazine



Jessika played middle sister Regan in the Shakespearean tragedy.

Jessika McQueen’s Regan captivated the audience and demanded attention, and O’Hara and McQueen were equally as effective projecting disdain with their visages as they were with their voices.”

Jay Menard, The Beat Magazine

Jessika originated the role of Lillian, a prairie woman scorned by her lover, in the world premiere of this Canadian production.

Jessika McQueen’s Lillian was so realistic that she had male audience members shaking their heads in bewilderment and sympathy for Jack, and female members laughing in recognition and understanding.”

Jamie-Lee Wilson, The Beat Magazine